The pellets coating machine adopts excellent post-addition technology, which can spray nutriment and medicine on the formed pellets surface. You can add oil and fat, zymin, vitamin, organic acid and microorganism etc. It is an important machine for feed pellets processing. The nutrition adding machine can improve the quality and processing characters of the feed pellets.

Feed Pellet Coating Machine Features and Advantages
◆Advanced structure, high additive accuracy, easy operation and convenient maintenance.
◆Ideal coating effect, it can ensure the smooth, fitness, water resistant property and absorptivity of the feed pellets.
◆Drum-type spraying, tiny particle, which can contact with the pellets fully and spray uniformly.
◆The additive quantity is controlled by computer, accurate measure.
◆The sprayed pellet products have balanced nutrition, attractive palatability and disease resistance.

Feed Pellet Liquid Coating Machine Application
The feed pellet liquid coating machine is mainly used to add oil, fat and other liquids to the feed pellets surface. It can be also used to spray compound fertilizer. The coated pellets have higher quality and palatability. The liquid coating machines for feed pellet are popular with most feed pelletizing plants.

Why Spray Fat after Pelleting?
1. Spraying fat after pelleting can improve the additive quantity. Improving the fat ratio according to the formula won’t influence the firmness of the feed pellets.
2. The fat spraying adopts post-addition technology, that can decrease the fat residua on the processing equipment, thus the risk of cross contamination reduces too.
3. Post-pelleting fat spraying can upgrade the feed quality. The physical property of the feed is improved. The fat has certain permeability, it can permeate into the pellets in subsequent crafts and transport process. That can reduce the scatter of feed particles and dust.

Feed Pellet Liquid Coating Machine Technical Parameters

Model Liquid Storage Pot Volume Power of Additive Gear Pump Additive Quantity Error Uniformity Rate Additive Amount Spraying Ratio Capacity
SYPG 1 T—(Maximum) 1.5 Kw ±1% 96% 0.04-0.14 t/h 2%-7% 2-20 t/h