The automatic weighing and packing system adopt PLC to control the pellet feed weighing and packing. The system has simple structure, accurate weighing and reliable running. It can weigh and package feed pellets quickly.

lamb pellet packed by Amisy packing system

Automatic Feed Pellet Weighing & Packaging System Features
◆The system is suitable for the particle material and powdered material with good fluidity. If the material is corrosive, the parts contacting with the material should be made of stainless steel.
◆Adopt no-weighing-hopper structure that can reduce the height, thus the structure is more compact and easy to install. Also it can reduce the dust.
◆Apply digital intelligent weighing control instrument, which has high accuracy, fast speed, stable and reliable running, easy to operate.
◆The instrument has many functions, such as auto tare, zero tracking, out-of-tolerance alarm, communication,gross weight weighing, net weight and bag number count etc.
◆Reasonable design, convenient operation and labor saving.

packed feed pellets

Why Use Automatic Feed Pellet Weighing & Packaging System?
Whether the weighing and packaging of feed pellets is accurate or not is directly affected the reputation and economic benefits of the feed pelletizing plants. In the past, the feed pelletizing plants adopt machinery weighing and manual packaging, high labor intensity, inefficiency and low accuracy. Later, the feed plants adopt electronic weighing installments. The static weighing accuracy is greatly improved, but the dynamic weighing accuracy still can not guarantee. Now the automatic feed pellet weighing and packaging system can perfectly solve the problem, it is popular with more and more feed pellet processing plants.

Automatic Feed Pellet Weighing & Packaging System Technical Parameters

Model Rated Weighing Weighing Speed Display Resolution Weighing Accuracy Steam Supply Power Supply Power Installation Height Temperature Range
SDBY50 20~50Kg 360~540bags/h (40Kg/bag) 10g Static:≤±0.1%; Dynamic:≤±0.2%  Pressure:0.4-0.6MP;
Consumption:0.5m3 /h
380V/50Hz 3kw 3730mm -10~40℃