Automatic feed pellet batching system is necessary for feed pelletizing industry. The system is suitable for material batching and blending process with capacity of 50-6000kg/batch from one machine with one scale to one machine with three scales. With the batching system, it is beneficial for processing high quality pellet feed.

Automatic Feed Pellet Batching System Features
★SPLG computer proportion scale adopts high-performance computer as the proportion host. It integrates the controlling, management and optimizing, superior performance.
★The system can store many production formulas, convenient for later choice.
★It can finish continuous conveying, accurate weighing and automatic batching of particulate and powdered materials.
★The proportion system can batch more than thirty kinds of materials at most one time.
★The batching precision and speed can be set at the screen; also the numerical value can be auto-corrected in running process. Safe and reliable.

Why Choose Automatic Feed Pellet Batching System?

feed batching system

In feed pellet processing , mixing of raw materials is according to the feed formula with precise proportion. Batching the material by manual is not so exact, which results in inferior quality of the feed. Now, automatic feed pellet batching system can help you solve the problem. It is favorable for higher productivity per hour, better quality control, reduced labor cost etc. It can be used in feed pelletizing production line of medium-sized or large-sized feed pellet processing plants. The pellet feed with balanced proportion of nutriment and microelement are helpful for improving the livestocks’ output.

Tip for Automatic Feed Pellet Batching System
According to the production scale, the system can be combined flexibly into one machine with one scale, one machine with two scales and one machine with three scales etc. Customers can choose the suitable system as required.

Feed Pellet Batching System Technical Parameters

Model SPLG-One-Scale SPLG-Double-Scale SPLG-Three-Scale SPLG-Y-Instrument-Batching-Scale SPLG-W-Microelement-Scale
Number of Bin Control ≤21 ≤21 ≤21 ≤21 ≤21
Matched Scale Single Scale Double Scales Three Scales Single Scale Single Scale/Double Scales