Electric control system is widely used in pellet feed processing industry and other industries, such as grain, flour, chemical engineering and steel industries etc. For feed pellet processing, it can be used in the whole processing line. Saving labor and time, high production capacity and easy operation etc. The system combines master control room control and field control, which can intuitively reflect the running status of the feed pellet equipment throughout the whole production line; also it can reflect the running current and rotate speed of the main equipments, convenient to control.

PLC Control System Application in Feed Pellet Plant
The electric control system is widely used in various industries. As for pellet feed processing industry, it can be combined with feed crusher, grinder, pellet mill and packaging equipment etc. The electric control system is accurate and reliable. With the system, the pellet feed factory can save much time, labor and cost; also can improve the automation degree and management.

Electric Control System Features and Benefits for Feed Pellet Production
1. Accurate and simple operation, high efficiency, reduced cost.
2. More compact device, circuit integration and functionality.
3. Equipment fault warning and fault location functions are helpful to maintainer; they can debug the faults and recover manufacture rapidly.
4. The steady and reliable system can provide advantages for the automation degree and management level of the enterprise.

The Composition of Automatic Electric Control System for Feed Pellet Processing
● Normal GGD and motor control center MCC
● Process flow analog screen
● Combined components with optimal performance price ratio
● Programmable controller (PLC) and intelligent instrument
● Stall protection system for hoists
● High level alarm system
● Mill feeding automatic control
● Intelligent ammeter for pellet mill