The vibrating grading sieve is used to collect the qualified pellet products by screening and grading. It bases on the probability screening principle. The favorable pellet sieving result is realized by choosing the suitable screen mesh size and screen inclination. The machine features no dust, low noise and high screening efficiency. The vibrating sieves are usually used in both wood pellet plants and feed pelletizing plants.

Why Use the Vibrating Feed Pellets Sieve in Feed Pelletizing Process?
If feed pellets are packaged directly without screening, there will be some powder in the end products. That will reduce the product quality and affect the economic benefits. For the pellets pelletizing by feed pellet mill or crushed by feed pellets crusher, you can use the vibrating grading sieve to collect the qualified pellet products. The unqualified big particles and powder can be crushed or pelletized again.

Vibrating Pellet Grading Sieve Features and Benefits
◆Simple structure, reliable screening effect, large output.
◆Easy operation, convenient maintenance, low power consumption.
◆Low noise, good sealing, no pollution.
◆The vibrating grading sieve is powered by vibrating motors, and equipped with stainless steel sieve.
◆The sieve meshes of vibrating grading sieve are bigger than those of common sieving machines, which largely reduces the blockage and optimizes the sieving process.
◆The sieve surface is shorter than the common sieving machine’s, which can save cost without influencing the grading effect.
◆You can get smaller separation size by combining the bigger screen meshes and suitable screen inclination.

Pellet Sieve Operating Instructions
1. Adjust the amplitude according to the pellet size and quantity. The rotation direction of electric motor is the same as the wood or feed pellet flowing direction.
2. Check the damping springs and motor attached plugs are normal or not.
3. Start the motor under non-loaded condition, feed materials after the machine running normally.
4. Feed uniformly and steadily within the specified feeding scope.
5. Stop feeding before shutdown.
6. Clean, maintain, check and repair the grading sieve on time.

Tips For Pellet Grading Sieve Choice
1. You can choose different screen mesh shapes to get the best screening results. Generally, the rectangle meshes are suitable for cylindrical pellets; and the round meshes are suitable for irregular pellets with similar size.
2. If you use the bucket elevator to feed directly, the feed pellets are easily gathered on the sieve middle part. The screen is with low use ratio and the partial thicker material layers affect the grading effect. You can install a buffer hopper (equipped with flow deflector) at the feeding port to solve the problem.

Vibrating Pellet Grading Sieve Technical Parameters

Model Sieving Area Power Vibration Frequency Output Inclination of Sieve Surface
SFJZ80 800*1800mm2 0.4Kw 960Hz 4-12t/h     20°
SFJZ100 1000*1800mm2 0.4Kw 960Hz 6-15t/h     20°