Rotary Feed Pellet  Grading Sieve Introduction
The rotary grading sieve is a necessary equipment for feed pelletizing plants. It is designed to sieve and grade feed pellets or the intermediate products after secondary crushing. It can also be used to clean the raw materials for pelletizing. The grading sieve usually has two or three sieving layers, with good sieving and grading effect. Customers can choose the suitable one according to their need.

Feed Pellet  Grading Sieve Features
★The sieve combines circular, oval and linear motion modes, excellent screening performance.
★The screen boat adopts belt-driving, balanced overweight and low noise.
★The screen boat tail part is supported by improved flexible support with little vibration and low noise.
★The rotary sieve is equipped with strengthened engine base, which can ensure balanced and steady running. If needed, the sieve can also be hanged.
★Advanced steel wire rope hanging structure, which can avoid the abrasion of the rope.
★The sieve adopts two-layer sieving design, three-layer is also available.
★The machine is with integrated sieving frame or detachable sieving frame that features light weight, strong rigidity and good tightness. And the sieves are convenient to change.
★The inner streamline design of the outlet can avoid material aggradation or cross-contamination.

feed pellets screening machine
Model A(mm) B(mm) C(mm)
SFJH80 2790 1180 1200
SFJH100 3270 1400 1250
SFJH125 3700 1840 1500
SFJH150 4200 2000 1800

Feed Pellet Grading Sieve Application
The rotary grading sieve is used to screen and grade the feed pellets after cooling or crushing, thus can get the qualified pellet products. Also it can be used to clean the raw materials for pelletizing. The rotary grading sieves are popular with feed pellet processing plants. Otherwise, the sieves can be used in grain, food, chemical engineering and sugaring industries etc.

How does the Feed Pellet Rotary Grading Sieve Work?
The screening effect is important for the quality and output of feed pellets. In order to improve the yield and reduce the power consumption during pelletizing process, some pelletizing plants use the feed pellet mills with large die diameter. Then they crush the large pellets into smaller ones. The crushed pellets should be graded to separate out the fine powder and large pellets, and get the qualified pellets at last. The rotary grading sieve is equipped with two sieve layers. The large pellets on the upper screen will be crushed again; the qualified pellets are in the interlayer; and the powered or small particle materials under the lower screen will be pelletized again.

Feed Pellet Rotary Grading Sieve Technical Parameters

Model SFJH80 SFJH100 SFJH125 SFJH150
Sieving Area 800*1600mm*2 1000*2140mm*2 1250*2500mm*2 1500*2800mm*2
Power 1.5Kw 2.2Kw 3Kw 3Kw
Output 3—8t/h 6—12t/h 8—15t/h 10—20t/h