The roll type feed pellet crusher is a special equipment to break large feed pellets into small ones. The pellets crushed by roller with common teeth are usually of 0.6-1.5mm; and crushed by roller with fine teeth are of 1-2.5mm. We have both double-roll and three-roll crushers for choice according to different types of feed pellets.

Feed Pellet Crusher Features
◆Compact structure, uniform crushing performance, convenient and efficient crushing size adjustment.
◆The rollers have differential rotate speed, the feed pellets are squeezed, cut and teared among the rollers, then get the ideal crushing effect.
◆Special feeding hopper ensures consistent material feeding.
◆The crusher is equipped with bypass device, which can lead the flowing of the pellets that no need to be crushed.
◆Adopt V-belt drive, stable transmission, low noise, easy operation.
◆The Y160M-4 model crusher adopts special roll spacing adjusting device that make the adjustment easy and reliable.
◆The three-roll feed pellet crusher has more continuous and stable feeding effect, and more uniform crushing result. Also its yield is improved.

Roll Type Feed Pellet Crumbler Advantages
●high and constant capacity
●easy replacement of wear and spare parts
●wide range of application
●gentle crushing


double roll feed pellets crusher

A(mm) B C
15×80 1200 950 525
15×100 1400 995 525
15×150 2100 1000 620
20×170 2500 1200 700

feed pellet crusher


A(mm) B C
15×80 1200 950 600
15×100 1400 995 600
15×150 2100 1000 700
20×170 2500 1200 800

Feed Pellet Crusher Application
The roll type feed pellet crusher is designed to break large feed pellets into small ones of 0.6-1.5mm or 1-2.5mm with rollers equipped with different teeth. Roller diameter and tooth form are adjusted to the type and the size of the feeding material in relation to the required final grain size. The two-roll crusher is more suitable for crushing poultry feed pellets, such as chicken feed, duck feed and goose feed etc. The three-roll crusher is more suitable to crush aquatic feed pellets including fish feed and shrimp feed etc.

Roll Type Feed Pellet Crusher Technical Parameters

Model Roll Size(dia*len) Quick Roll Speed Slow Roll Speed Capacity Power
Y112M-4 150*800mm 725r/min 475r/min 2-4t/h 4Kw
Y132S-4 150*1000mm 725r/min 475r/min 3-6t/h 5.5Kw
Y132M-4 150*1500mm 725r/min 475r/min 5-10t/h 7.5/11Kw
Y160M-4 200*1700mm 725r/min 475r/min 8-12t/h 11Kw