800-1000kg/h Feed Pellet Production Line Introduction
800-1000kg/h feed pellet production line is especially for household use and small-size feed pellet plants. For farmers who want to make feed pellet at home, it’s an ideal choice for you because of great convenience and cost-saving. This feed pellet production can be used to make various kinds of livestock feed and also aquatic feed. The feed pellets are usually made of corn, brown rice, paddy, sorghum etc.
This 800-1000 feed pellet production line includes: crushing process-mixing processing-pelletizing process. The whole production line is controlled by electric cabinet.

Machines You Need for 800-1000kg/h Feed Pellet Production Line
★ AMS420 Hammer mill
★ AMS1000 Mixer
★ Cyclone dust collection
★ AMS250 Ring Die Feed pellet mill
★ Storage bin
★ Electric cabinet

◆ Crushing process
For large-size raw material, crushing them by AMS420 hammer mill into required is a very necessary step during the whole process in making pellet.


Model: AMS420
Mating power: 7.5kw
Spindle speed: 3500r/min
Rotor diameter: 420mm
Number of hammers: 16
Sieve diameter: 0.8-6mm
Overall weight: 160kg
Capacity: grain pellet: 1000kg
straw pellet: 600-700kg

◆ Mixing process
Mixer and hammer mill are linked by cyclone dust collection to collect the powder materials.

Features of AMS1000 mixer
1. The mixer is self-suction, so that the powder can be transported into the mixing chamber easily with high efficiency.
2. Compact structure, easy for install
3. Distinct advantage in making pig feed.
Model: AMS1000
Capacity: 1000kg/h
Power: 2.2kw

◆ Pelletizing process
AMS series ring die feed pellet mill was developed by considerate the character of pressing pellet with high hardness and density. Due to simple structure and operation technique, it is widely used in medium and small-size plants, grain feed processing plant,livestock farm and individual farms.


Model: AMS250
Inner diameter of die: 250mm
Power: 22KW
Diameter of feed pellet: 1.5mm-6mm
Capacity: 800-1000kg/h
Pellet size: 1300*1450*1500(mm)

Feature of AMS250 Ring Die Feed Pellet Mill
1. Pellets discharged from this machine are in moderate temperature. Various micronutrients in raw materials are well kept and it’s conducive to digest and absorb nutrition for animals.
2. Pellets are uniformity in size with good appearance and smooth surface. Diameter can be changed between 1.5-6mm(need to change mould)with various length to 5-30mm. Because of high density, feed pellets are easy to storage and transport. Therefore, it is suited for different kinds of animals in different growth periods.
3. Fish feed can be well kept in water for long tome which increases the use efficiency and avoids water contamination.
4. Both powder feed with low moisture content and fresh feed with high moisture content can be made into pellets.

After these processes, pellets can be stored in storage bin for your use at any time.