Feedstuff Grease/Liquid Adding Machine Introduction
Grease adding machine is necessary for feedstuff making. Adding grease can increase nutrition for feed pellets, reduce dust in the pelletizing process and reduce wear of ring die and rollers of pellet machines. Our automatic grease adding machine can also add other liquids, suitable for batch mixer. The maximum quantity of liquid adding cannot be more than 3% of the mixer total volume, or else will be bad for further feed pelletizing. If you want to add 3%–8%, grease spray is needed after pelletizing.

Automatic Liquid Adding Machine Working Principle
When oil goes through coarse filter and enters oil tank from oil sump, the steam heating coil will be heated automatically to 60℃–80℃(adjusted according to oil viscosity), then the oil and other liquid can be added. The oil adding process is gear pump—one-way valve—fine filter—flowmeter—-spraying pipe—mixer. The oil quantity can be set by programmable panel.

Feedstuff Grease Adding Machine Features
1. Our automatic liquid adding machine is widely applied to add oil, L-Valine and other nutritions to the feedstuff powder. By adding oil, the further made feed pellets is of smooth surface and rich nutrition.
2. Adopting high precise flowmeter and programmable PLC system which ensure an accurate & efficient production.
3. Equipped with dual filter system: coarse filter and fine filter.
4. Good performance of anti-disturbance, high automation.
5. Pipe system can be equipped with air blowing parts. When liquid adding process is stopped, the air blowing system will start to remove the liquid residue.

Liquid Adding Machine Application
Feedstuff : soya bean meal, cereal, green fodder, fish meal, whey powder, meat and bone meal
Animal : Aquatic animals, poultry, livestock, pet, spectacular fish,etc.

How To Maintain Grease Adding Machine
1. Regularly clean oil suction filter and oil spraying filter, ensuring a smooth pipe and nozzle.
2. Before storing the machine, clean the oil residue completely.
3. For grease with easy solidification, you can use gas or electricity for heating.

Feedstuff Grease/Liquid Adding Machine Technical Data

Model Oil tank capacity Adding precison Adding efficiency Power
SYTV32 1 T ±1﹪ 32 liter /min 2×1.5KW
SYTV63 2 T ±1﹪ 63 liter /min 2×4KW