Feed Hammer Mill Introduction
Amisy feed hammer mill is ideal grinding equipment widely used in large and medium sized feed plant, food processing enterprise, etc to crush solid grains for making feed pellets. The prominent characteristics like advanced design, mature technology, good durability and stable performance all make it welcome in crushing field.

Feed Hammer Mill Features
1. Mainly used for grinding of raw materials in small and medium-sized animal and aquatic feed processing factories.
2. Adopt imported high quality SKF bearings, stable and durable performance, low working temperature.
3. Coarse grinding and fine grinding are both available, high accuracy.
4. Advanced twice crushing technology of the pulverizing chamber, good rigidity pedestal and small vibration.
5. Permanent magnet device can remove impurities in the pelletizing process.
6. A variety of sieve sizes are available to choose to meet different customers requirements.
7. Adopt direct transmission, scientific and reasonable hammer arrangement and hammer screen clearance ensure uniform fineness of the finished products.
8. High efficiency, low consumption and good durability.

Model A B C
SDH-ZW36A 1350mm 890mm 1050mm
SDH-ZW40A 1580mm 890mm 1130mm

Operation Caution of the Feed Hammer Mill for Feed Pellet Plant
* The operator should understand the machine structure, and be familiar with the hammer mill performance and operation methods.
* Please carefully check each connection parts to avoid loose phenomenon.
* With uniform feeding during the production rather than suddenly more or less to guarantee the motor work under rated load.
* If strong vibration appears in the operation process, you should immediately stop the machine and find out the reasons, then continue to work after eliminate the breakdown.

Feed Hammer Mill Technical Data

Model Rotor Dia. Spindle speed Linear velocity of hammer blades Grinding room width Hammer blade quantity Power Normal air  Output
AMS-ZW36A φ560(φ570) 2980rpm 87(89m/s 360mm 48 22/37kw 25M3/min 3-5t/h
AMS-ZW40A φ560(φ570) 2980rpm 87(89m/s 400mm 56 37/45kw 45M3/min 5-7t/h