ultrafine feed hammer mill

With the rapid development of the aquaculture industry, the demand for aquatic feeds has dramatically increased. However, the aquatic feed has higher requirements on the particle size of feed ingredients, feed pellet viscosity and feed pellet quality. The poultry feed processing technology can not achieve the requirements of aquatic feed. Feed ingredients grinding is an important process for aquatic feed.

Aquatic animals’ digestive tract is relatively short so they have the poor digestive ability. For example, fishes have no salivary glands in the oropharyngeal cavity so feeds can not be digested. The function of the oropharyngeal cavity is to seek, intake and swallow feeds. The functions of tearing and grinding feed degenerate. Fishes dissolve and digest feeds from the feed surface so feeds with the small particle is convenient for digestion and absorption then help improve the feeds’ conversation rate.

how hammer mill works

Aquatic animals live in water and the feed intake is finished in a water environment so feeds must keep a steady shape in water for a long time. The interior of feed pellets should have a certain viscosity to maintain the shape and avoid rapidly dissolving. Apart from the added binder, the grinding process has a great influence on its viscosity. Feeds have little viscosity when ground with big particle size. The other way around if feeds are ground with small particle size they have great viscosity and can keep a steady shape in water for a long time. The particle size of grinding feed ingredients also has a great influence on the follow-up processes such as mixing and pelleting and the quality of the final manufactured feed pellet.

corn powder for aquatic feed pellets

The grinding process is very important for aquatic feed pellet processing so it needs to customize the feed hammer mill. Our company supplies the ultra fine grinding mill for making aquatic feed. And we also manufacture the hammer mill crusher according to your requirements. All we do is to supply the first-class grinding machines to our customers.