Feed pellet is widely used in horse breeding. Now most horse feeders use the concentrated feed pellets together with coarse feed pellets to balance the nutrition requirements of horses. Straw has been used as horse bedding for centuries. Recently new technology is adopted to make soft pellets from straw and use them in the stall.

In order to ensure there are enough straw pellets storage for horses in winter feeders often store sufficient straws in autumn. After being pelletized the straw pellets can be used as the basal diet of horses and have significant role in horse growth and weight gain, improving feed utilization rate and economic benefits. Straw pellet is the best bedding for horses.

straw for making horse breeding pellets

horse breeding pellets

1. Raw materials: various sorts of straws which are efficient and eco-friendly.
2. Good palatability. During manufacturing period the temperature can be up to 80 degrees Celsius so that the starch can be gelatinized and produce a concentrated flavor. The straw pellets also have hard texture which conforms to the horse biological natures of gnawing. All these can improve the feed palatability and increase the feed intake.
3. Environment friendly. The high temperature can kill the harmful constituent of straws and the straw pellets have no damage to the gastric mucosa. There is no waste discharge in the production process.
4. Easy to transport and move around. Straw pellets which have great density and small size are easily transported and stored.
5. Less ammonia in stable, drier air and smaller quantities of manure and waste. The muck is less and easily cleaned. So the stable has no stink and has good air which can prevent horses from coughing and causing other diseases.

Straw pellets have shown the unique features in horse breeding. Our company can supply the first-class straw pellet machine to produce high quality straw pellets for horses. And we can also supply professional guidance and good after-sale service.