Brief Introduction to Shrimps

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Shrimps have balanced nutrition, soft meat and are easy to digest so they are beneficial to asthenics. The high content of magnesium can regulate cardiac activity, protect cardiovascular system and prevent hypertension and myocardial infarction. Rich phosphorus and calcium are good to children and pregnant woman. So shrimp products get more and more popularity. This causes the rapid development of intensive shrimp farming. Feed costs of shrimps account for a large proportion in shrimp farming. So shrimp breeders seek top quality feeds. Researches show that feed pellets made by aquatic feed pellet mill is widely used around the world.

About Aquatic Feed Pellets
Aquatic feed pellets are produced based on the shrimps’ features and nutrition needs, mix raw materials evenly according to a certain proportion, then form the final pellets through many feed processing. Aquatic feed pellets are especially made according to shrimps’ physiological character so they are the best choice for shrimp farming.

shrimp feed pellets

Aquatic Feed Pellets Benefits
Good water durability
Shrimps are slow eaters. Their habit of slowly nibbling feeds needs feed keep the shape in water for a long time. Feed pellets have smooth surface and hard texture so they can maintain the shape in water.

Balanced nutrition
Aquatic feed pellets are made based on the nutrition needs of shrimps and adopt scientific formula so they have good palatability and balanced nutrition. This can ensure shrimps are not picky about feed, feed pellets are easy to digest and absorb and have high utilization rate.
Improve water quality

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Now feed accumulation is a main factor to cause water contamination.  The frequent feeding is easy to cause feed residue and feed accumulation. Shrimps should be fed two to five times each day. If shrimps are fed by feed pellets which have good water durability, then pellets feed will not decay before shrimps eat them. And the feed pellets quantity is easy to control so as not to cause feed accumulation and pollute the water quality.
Aquatic feed pellets are exactly suitable for shrimp farming. Choosing the proper and top quality feed pellet mill to make feed pellets is very important. Our company can supply the first-class aquatic feed pellet machine for customers. The feed pellet mill is equipped with conditioners which can make sure feed pellets are fully cooked and have good quality. Feed pellets produced by our feed pellet mill have smooth surface, good water durability and hard texture which are suitable for shrimp farming.
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