With the global increasing demands of shrimp consumption the traditional shrimp fishing could not meet people’s needs. Only relying on the industrial shrimp

shrimp feed pellets

farming may covers the shortage supply of shrimps to a certain extent. As one of the greatest shrimp consumption market Japanese shrimp industrial shrimp farming has developed rapidly.

During the shrimp feeding time the shrimps are strict to the feed and water quality. Now people often use the high quality feed pellet to feed shrimps. The feed pellets are produced based on the nutrition needs of shrimps, adopting scientific formulation and mixed with a variety of raw materials evenly according to a certain proportion, then with a series of processing to form the final pellets. The pellet feed not only supplies the sufficient protein and amino acid which can ensure the shrimp growth but also is conductive to the digestion and absorption. Whether the feed nutrition can meet the shrimps’ nutrition needs directly affect the physical state and immunity. Feeding the nutritional feed pellet can increase the premunition.

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The water quality affects the shrimps’ rate of survival and growth. So water quality control is an very important step. Feed accumulation is a factor to affect the water quality. If you feed shrimps by inferior feed, they do not eat them. The residual feeds accumulate in the water which produce amounts of harmful substances such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide, lead to the bacteria breeding and pollute the water quality. The feed pellet has balanced nutrition and good palatability so shrimps are not picky about it and can eat them. The quantity is also easy to control so as not to have feed accumulation.

Feed pellets are ideal feed for shrimp farming. Our company Amisy is a professional pellet machine manufacture. We could supply the best quality feed pellet mill for shrimp farming. The shrimp pellet feeds produced by our feed pelletizing machine have good smooth surface and hard texture. It dose not breakup when floating in water so it could not contaminate the water. During the feed pelleting time people can add other nutritional and medical materials to the feed pellet mill in order to prevent and treat the diseases. As the professional feed pellet mill supplier our company can produce pellet feeds with diameter from 1-15mm, applicable to produce pet food, fish feed pellets, shrimp feed and other animal feed pellets.