In recent years the patrol dogs have been used in many fields such as detecting crime cases, inspecting drugs, checking security ect. Now researches about patrol dogs’ breeding, disease prevention and training are rich but studies about police dogs feeding are relatively less. Some breeders use the pet dog feeds to feed police dogs. Actually it can’t meet the nutrition needs of police dogs. The feeds for patrol dogs should be produced based on their nutrition needs and physiological characters.

raising_police_dogs_with_feed_pelletd.jpgThe police dogs have stronger exercise amount than pet dogs. In order to ensure the police dogs’ submissiveness breeders often adopt compulsory measures in the training which cause stress response. And the complex working conditions also cause stress reaction. The stronger exercise amount and stress response needs the feeds contain high nutritions. The feed pellet is ideal for feeding police dogs because it contains high energy density and comprehensive nutritions. The feed ingredients should avoid the grains which easily produce gas, stimulate intestines and stomach, and cause diarrhoea. And the feed ingredients should contain high quality carbohydrate and high protein, fat content.

Breeders should know how to safely and correctly feed police dogs with feed pellets.

The feed quantity should be determined according to the different situations. Police dogs should not be fed too much before training and working so as to keep their excitability and working enthusiasm. After training or working their feed pellet quantity should account for two thirds of the whole day feeding. If police dogs can’t train or work for a long time due to some occasions the feed pellet quantity should be reduced accordingly to prevent laziness.

feet_pellet_mill_machine.jpgEnsure sufficient clean water supply during training or working process. During training police dogs have higher water consumption. The insufficient water supply will increase stress reaction, reduce excitability and shorten working or training time.

Monitor police dogs’ body condition and adjust feed pellet quantity to maintain desired body condition.

Scientifically feeding police dogs with nutritional feed pellets can increase their working or training efficiency. Our company can supply the feed pellets mills. All we do is to supply the best quality feed pellet machines for our customers.