Denmark is recognized as the kingdom of pig farming. Denmark is the world’s largest pork exporter which accounts for 30% of the world’s pork export volume. It has strong competitiveness in the international market.

pig feed pellets

Denmark establishes a scientific feeding system. The pig feed is mainly made of grains such as wheat, beans, rice etc and adding some feed additives such as oil cake, proteins etc. And the Danish laws prohibit adding the somatotropic hormone such as Pitocin, hormone to the pig feed. The pig feed adopts the scientific formulation so the feed utilization is highly improved. The feed pellet conforms to the Danish requirements for pig feed. And the feed pellet is widely used in foreign countries due to its prominent features.

The pig feed pellet uses the grains such as corn, wheat bran, rice husks, beans, etc as raw materials which are organic and safe. And the feed pellets are produced based on the nutrition needs of pigs, adopt scientific formula and mix the raw materials evenly according to a certain proportion, then with a series of processing to form the final pellets. So pellet feed owns balanced nutrition content for pig farming. The feed pellets have balanced nutrition and good palatability so it can avoid the pigs selecting the favorite feed.

pig feed pellet mill-Denmark pig farming

During the pelletizing process the protein within the feed can be ripened to a certain degree and can produce a strong scents. The balanced nutrition and heavy scents improve the pigs palatability, enhance their feed intake. Researches show that the feed pellet can improve the feed utilization by 5% for the pigs. The high feed utilization can also reduce the pig feeding cost.
Researches show that the size of feed pellet affects the pigs feeding. The size of feed pellets depends on the feeding behavior of pigs and the pellet mill. The pigs need the different sizes of feed pellets at their different growth stages. For example the piglet prefers to the small size feed pellets, and the pellets diameter with 4mm-5mm is appropriate to the pig farming.
Our company Amisy can supply the pig feed pellet mill. Amisy is an expert in designing and manufacturing feed pellet machines. The feed pellets produce by our pellet mill have good smooth and hard texture. This conforms to the pigs’ biological characteristic of gnawing and can improve their feed intake. And our Amisy feed pellet extruder can produce feed pellets with diameter from 1-15mm, applicable to produce pet food, fish feed pellets, shrimp feed and other animal feed pellets. All we do for the feed pelletizer is to supply the beat quality pellet machine to the customers.