Pellets Feed in Breeding Industry
Foreign countries application: Pellet feed first appeared in Europe, and in recent years, it has occupied the majority of the feed market in America, Japan, Germany, etc. The average level of our world in feed pellets using is about 60%. Nowadays, pellet feed has been widely used for raising of piglets, weaned pigs, pigs, chickens, cattle, sheep, fish and other livestock. Here we can see that feed pellets which are made by pellet mill have broad potential market, so it’s wise to invest in the relative field.

pig feed pellets made by amisy feed pellet mill

Why Choose Feed Pellets for Pig Breeding?
Generally, feed for pigs including powdery feed and pellets feed. As for powdery feed, it has two major feeding methods. One is dry feeding, in this method, if the powder is fine, it will affect the food intake of pigs to some extent; on the contrary, if the powder is coarse, the utilization rate of the feed may be influenced. The other is wet feeding, that is mixing the feed with water together which is not suitable for scientific feeding due to the reduction of food intake. Compared to powdery feed, pellet feed has incomparable superiorities for pigs breeding. So more and more raisers are inclined to select feed pellets.

Feed Pellet Superiorities

* Convenient for storage, packaging and transportation
After molding, the volume of feed particles reduced about 1/3 than powder feed, which is more convenient for storage, packaging and transportation. In the process of storage, powdery feed is easy to absorb moisture, agglomerate and become moldy. However, pellet feed scattered well, with small hygroscopic property and high storage stability.
* Disinfection and sterilization
During pelletizing process, the toxic substances or inhibiting factors in the feed pellets are damaged due to thermal effect, meanwhile it can kill 90% salmonella diagnostics.

pig feed pellets for pig breeding industry

* Improve nutrition value and palatability of the feed
Feed pellets have large density, small volume, and high nutrition concentration, so the pigs food intake also increases accordingly.
* Convenient for animal digestion and absorption, improve the utilization efficiency of feed
* Avoiding livestock and poultry picky about food, and reducing feed waste.
Feed pellets has uniform size and comprehensive nutrition, which preventing pigs from choosing feed according to its palatability.

From the above analysis, we can come to a conclusion that feed pellets are the best choice for pigs and other poultry breeding industry. If you are interested and want to invest in this field, we are willing to give you professional suggestions and guidance. As leading supplier of pellet mills, we offer high quality pellet mills as well as intimate service to meet different customers demands.