When mentioned the the pig farming industry in Thailand maybe we know little about it. Some people may think breeders feed a number of pigs in their own courtyards by the leftovers. Actually Thailand’s modernization of hog industry is comparatively higher in South Asia. Intensive pig farming is the main trend of Thailand’s swine farming and the mechanization level is high.

thailand pig farming

Thailand’s pig feed industry is very developed in South Asia. Thailand’s feed manufacturing companies and animal farms are equipped with modern machines such as feed hammer mill, feed mixing machine, feed pellet mill and other auxiliary equipments. It not only supplies pellet feeds to the domestic animal husbandry but also exports to other countries. Feed pellet has occupied the majority of the feed market in America, Japan, Germany, etc. It has the incomparable advantages such as high utilization rate and high conversation rate, balanced nutrition, good palatability, energy saving, environment protection etc. Thailand pays attention to the pellet feeds which meet their own conditions. The raw materials’ high price has persecuted many countries’ animal husbandry and increases the feed cost. In this situation it is very important to research the substitute feed ingredients according to the national realities.

pig feed pellets

Feed pellet uses the various grains like rice, corn, wheat bran, rice husks, beans, etc as raw materials. Thailand is an agricultural country which teems with rice, corn etc. Even so the increasing prices of corn and rice still increase feed cost and puzzle the feed manufacture companies. They turn to seek raw materials’ alternate which have lower prices. Cassava is one of the most important economic crops in Thailand and is widely used in pig feed to substitute the rice. The peanut meal, sunflower meal and sesame meal are used in hog pellet feeds as protein supplements to alternate the high prices of bean pulp and fish meal.

Reasonably utilizing the local feed resources to make pig feed pellet is an effective way to reduce the feed and farming costs and improve the hog feed pellet nutritions. Our country can learn from Thailand to use the local feed resources as feed alternate and equip pig farms with modern machines such as feed hammer mill, feed mixing machine, pelletizer machine and other auxillary equipments.
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