For a feed pellet mill, die is the most important quick-wear part. In order to avoid wasteful spending, it is necessary for you to know more about how to take care of the die mounted in the pellet mill.

By following simple rules as following, your die life will be prolonged and you will realize the greatest production from your dies.
1. The die must be secured held by the die clamp at all times. A worn out die clamp will not make proper fit and operation impossible.
2. Never abuse a die by striking it with a hammer or by dropping it on a hard surface. If force is necessary to install the die, use a plastic hammer or a piece of wood.
3. Magnets, scalpers, and other cleaning devices are vital to the life of a die. They are to be cleaned and checked regularly to make certain they are doing the job of removing metal and other material from the feed. Periodic inspection of the die for presence of foreign material is advisable. Pieces of tramp metal which have become embedded in the die should be removed by punching or drilling from the outside end of the hole.
4. The die clamp insert should be replaced if it becomes worn. When mounting a new die in pellet mill, check the die clamp with the gauge, which is shipped with the new die.
5. The care of the die is similar to that of a rifle bore. The holes in the die are carefully machined and highly polished. This hole surface must be preserved if maximum pellet capacity is to be maintained. If the pellet mill is going to be shut down for over one half hour or for a die change, the die should be filled with an oily mixture.

ring die of ring die pellet mill

flat die & roller

OK. Here end my words! In a way, to take care of your die will save extra overhead for you. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.