With the increasingly rising price of feed pellets, oil cake pelletizing has become a novel and effective method of waste product use. The pelletizing process makes good use of oil cake waste produced by the oil-pressing to make quality pellets. Due to the rich content of fat and protein, Oil cake pellets are an ideal feed for poultry, livestock, and aquatic animals.

What is Oil Cake

what is oil cakeOil cakes, also known as oil meal, refer to the residue of oil seeds from which vegetable oil is extracted or expelled. There are a variety of common oil cakes such as Soybean oil cake, peanut oil cake, sesame oil cake, palm oil cake, rapeseed oil cake, olive oil cake, etc. Oil cakes are rich in fat, protein, and microelements that the body needs. It has been widely used as animal feed, crop and plant fertilizer, and food additives. Processing feed pellets with oil cake can achieve considerable cost-saving for many feeders and poultry plants.

Oil Cake Feed Pellets Processing

The oil cake pelletizing process is similar to grain crop feed pellets production. The major steps include oil cakes crushing, mixing, pelletizing and cooling, and packing. Based on your special requirement and budget, our oil cake feed pellet machines which include flat die feed pellet mill and ring die feed pellet mill are both available. The high temperature during the feed pelletizing process can kill some toxic substances and make oil cake pellets an assured and nutritional feed.

oil cake feed pelletsAdvantages of Oil Cake Feed Pellets
1. Higher content of oil and fat will provide full nutrition to the animals.
2. Improve animal health and resistance power against diseases.
3. The oil has mostly unsaturated fatty acids that will help in the early pregnancy of the animals.
4. No anti-nutritional substance exists which adversely affect the animals in reproduction and other body organs like kidney, liver, etc.
5. Convenient to transport and store compared to oil cake waste.
6. Low-cost investment, high-profit return, and eco-friendly.