A pellet mill with a new die installed should be started slowly. A minimum feed rate of flowing through the conditioner and the die is a perfect right action.

ring die

Drain condensate from steam supply line to eliminate slugs of water from entering conditioning chamber. Start motors, main drive motor, conditioner motor and feeder motor. Do not add steam when first starting the die; allow die holes to fill with dry material. Check ammeter for load on main drive motor. If not pulling full load, increase feeder setting until it shows full load. Open steam valve slightly at this point and in a few seconds the amperage should drop back. If amperage drops, increase feeder setting and repeat until you have approximately 80-90% of maximum load. Remember, the ammeter will not drop immediately when you open the steam valve, for it takes a few seconds for the material to reach the die to have any effect on the power required to pellet.

Operate the pellet making machine at this reduced load setting for two hours to allow the die holes to become highly polished, then adjust your mill to full load. Keep in mind that the advancement of the feeder and steam valve setting should be slight when starting a new die.

In conclusion, all above is some basic knowledge on how to start a pellet mill die. With many years’s of history, we are proud to be a leading manufacture and supplier of feed pellet equipment in China. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us as soon as possible.