Before I start to write this article, I would like to thank you for your concern about the feed pellet mill. Now here, I will tell you something about pellet quality. In general, the quality of a pellet mill will be based on the following four factors:

portable animal feed pellet mill

1. Material Fitness
Fitness is a major factor in determining consumer satisfaction with pelleted feed quality. Producing a tough pellet will eliminate most fines complaints. A rule of thumb for the industry has been a maximum of 10%-20% fines in pelleted feed. The percent of material fines can be determined by the use of sieves.

2. Feed Pellet Color
Normally, color is a very important part of determining the quality of pelleted feed. If there has been no formula change, it is a good check on mixing and the addition of liquids, such as molasses and fat.

3. Feed Pellet Size
The size of the feed pellet also helps determine quality. The quality of pellets varies from two to three times the hole size of a die. The shape of the cross-section of pellets can vary, with the majority being either round or square.

4. Feed Pellet Surface
The appearance of the outer surface of feed pellets will give an indication of the pellet quality. A rough exterior, not a shiny glazed surface, is desired and will indicate that a tough, durable pellet has been produced.

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