Now feed pellets are used to feed sheep because of the balanced nutrition, good palatability, high feed utilization etc. During feeding period some matters need to be considered.

1. The sheep density should not be too spare or too dense. The spare density will increase sheep’s energy consumption and influence the growth speed; on the contrary the density will have poor air condition, cause the eye disease and respiratory diseases then affect the normal growth. So the sheep density should be appropriate.
2. The feeding quantity should be controlled. Feed pellet is widely used in feeding sheep because of the balanced nutrition, good palatability, high utilization rate etc. Sheep feed pellet is produced based on the nutrition requirements of sheep and the nutrition value of feed ingredients so it ensures the sheep can intake balanced nutrition and achieve the highest weight gain. The feed pellets have cylinder shape so they can be easily controlled the feeding quantity for sheep so as not to cause waste.

how to feed sheep with feed pellets

3. The water for sheep must be clear and sufficient. Sheep’s water intakes are about 3 times of feed intakes so sufficient water supply is necessary. The water intakes are different according to the different seasons and temperature. So water intakes should be considered according to the actual situation.
4. The temperature and moisture of sheep pen should be appropriate. The too high or too low temperature will reduce sheep’s production property and even damage the health and security. Only under a certain temperature the sheep can keep good production property. The moist environment makes microorganism reproduce which cause sheep easily get mange, eczema, foot rot and other diseases.
5. The sheep pen should have good environment. The mainly harmful gas in sheep pen are ammonia, hydrothion, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide etc which affect sheep’s growth speed and cause disease. In order to reduce the damage of harmful gas to the sheep the regular sterilization and ventilation, timely feces clear are necessary.

Only considering these factors the sheep can keep good production property. If you are sheep feeder or feed pellets manufacturer, you can consider buying a feed pellet mill, really a good investment.