Feed ingredients grinding is an important process during feed pellet making processes so feed grinder is widely used to grind feed ingredients. We should learn how to correctly use feed grinding machine.

feed hammer mill1. Fixed in the cement foundation. If the feed grinding mill often changes the workplace it should be installed in the iron base unit with motor.

2. Check the fasteners after being installed. If they become loose quickly tighten them.

feed grinding process3. Check whether the belt tightness is appropriate and whether the motor shaft and grinder shaft are parallel.

4. Before starting the feed grinding machine, the operator should rotate the rotor by hand to check whether teeth claw, hammer and rotor are flexibly operating, whether rotors’ rotating direction is gestured in the correct arrow orientation, whether the lubricant conditions of motor and grinder are good.

5. Do not frequently change the belt pulley in case the rotating speed affects normal operating.

6. Keep the machine no-load running for 3 minutes, if it has no abnormal occurrence then put raw materials.

7. Pay attention to the operating condition of feed grinding machines to avoid blocking and long-term overload running. If there are phenomenons such as vibration, noise, high temperature of bearing and grinder, materials spraying etc. The operator should immediately cut off the power, check and clear stoppage carefully.

8. Carefully examine the feed ingredients to avoid hard objects such as copper, iron, stone etc entering the pulverizer and causing accident.