Fish feed cost accounts a large proportion of production coasts for fish farmers. Feed pellet is widely used in fish farming. Only choosing the high quality and right fish feed pellet can improve the feed utilization rate, the growth rate and the immune system to prevent diseases. So fish farmers have to learn how to choose the suitable fish feed pellet.

First, the nutrition of fish feed. The essential nutrition requirements for fish are protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals etc so the feeds for fish must contain these substances. Some breeders think the higher the protein content, the better the feed pellet. Actually it is wrong, the feed pellet quality should consider not only the protein content but also the proportion of other nutritions. Feeds containing balanced nutritions are ideal for fish normal growth. Feed pellet use various grains such as wheat, corn, bean etc as feed ingredients and can be added with protein, fishmeal, minerals and other liquid nutritions. So it can meet the nutrition needs of fish.

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Second, the appearance of feed pellet. The high quality feed pellet has smooth surface and the same pellet diameter. The particle diameter for fish feeds should consider the mouth diameter of fish and should not be too big or too small. The length of feed pellet should be two times of the diameter so as to increase feed intakes and reduce feed waste.

Third, the stability in water. Fish intake feeds slowly so the feed pellet must keep the shape in water for a long time. Fish farmers can take some samples and place them in water to detect the stability before buying feed pellets for fish.

Fourth, the reliable feed pellet manufactures. The companies with large scale and good reputation have strong technology strength to ensure the the balanced nutrition and scientific feed formula. Fish farmers should purchase the feed pellets produced by reliable manufactures.

Fifth, the manufacture date of feed pellet. Feed pellets which exceed the shelf life will reduce the nutrition contents and have bad influence on fish. Fish farmers should ensure the feed pellets can be finished within the manufacture date.

When considering these factors fish farmers can choose the suitable feed pellets for fish.