In ancient times horses were the main driving force of agricultural production, transportation, and military activities. With the power machinery invention and wide application, field operations were almost replaced by tractors. Horses are mainly used for equestrian sports and the production of milk and meat. The modern horse industry has received good development in developed countries which becomes the main economic growth point and provides a large number of employment opportunities.

Modern horse owners not only require horses to be healthy but also need them to be satisfactory in all respects. This drives horse owners to buy top-quality horse feeds which have balanced nutrition and make horses receive sensual satisfaction. Horse feeds’ appearance, texture, flavor, and palatability are the main considerations when feeding horses. Doubtlessly feed pellets are the optimal feed for horses.

Top Materials for Making Nutritional Horse Feed Pellets
If you want to make the horse grow up quickly, add bran to your formula, because it contains much phosphorus.
Flaked corn
You’d better buy the non-heating flaked corn processed by food companies. Because non-heating processing technology can maximally preserve nutrition.
Coarse mix
A coarse mix is necessary for making nearly any kind of feed pellets. As we all know coarse grains are good for animal digestive system.

bran for making feed pellets coarse mix for horse feeding flaked corn horse feed

Feeding horses with feed pellets is considered from horses’ digestive physiological characteristics. Horses have hard teethes and developed masticatory muscles. So feeds with hard textures and soft surfaces conform to horses. The horse has a fast metabolism and strong servitude thus feed’s residence time in the stomach is short. Feeds with small sizes and balanced nutrition are good. Horse’s intestinal tract is uneven in thickness therefore they have a bad ability in digesting low-quality coarse feeds. Feed pellets are produced based on the nutrition needs of horses, adopt scientific formula and mix a variety of raw materials evenly according to a certain proportion, then with a series of processing to form the final pellets. So pellet feed owns balanced nutrition content and good palatability for horse farming. Feed pellets are concentrated feeds with a higher conversation rate than horses can better digest them. The pellet’s hard texture and good palatability can increase the horse’s feed intake and improve the production property. So feed pellets are tailored for horses.

The quality of the feed pellet mill concerns the feed pellets’ quality. So horse owners want to buy the top quality feed pellets mill. Our company can supply a first-class feed pellet mill based on customers’ needs.