Fish Food Varieties Determine Your Fish Health

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Fish have become the main source of protein with our increasing demand of protein. The quality of the fish food directly affects the fish products and then influences our health. Nowadays most countries use fishmeal to feed the fish. The fishmeal uses the small fish and shrimps as raw material so it has high protein and good nutrition. In the recent years the global fishmeal output is decreasing but the price and demand is increasing. And many manufacturers add animal matters such as blood meal, meat and bone meal, plant substances such as cottonseed meal and rapeseed meal to the fishmeal in order to reduce cost. The poor quality of fishmeal is bad to fish. Many grains such as wheat bran, corns, rice husks and beans contain high content of protein so the fish feed pellet made of these materials has high content of protein.

Why Choose Fish Feed Pellets?

fish feed pellets

The various kinds of fish need different nutrition. The fish feed pellets are produced based on the nutrition needs of fish, adopt scientific formula and mix a variety of raw materials evenly according to a certain proportion, then with a series of processing to form the final pellets. It has balanced nutrition and can meet the fish’s different tastes so the fish are not picky about the food.
Now many feeders still use the powdered feed. However the fish feed powder may contaminate the air and water during feeding the fish because it is easy to cause dust. During the feeding process the feeders could not control the quantity of powdered feed so it may cause the feed accumulation which not only gives rise to water pollution but also causes fish disease. The pellet feed has good stability in water and is easy to digest for fish so it does not pollute the water. And the feeders could control the feed pellet quantity.

Our company  could produce the fish feed pellet machine. It is especially designed for fish farming. And it’s good choice to select the fish feed pellet mill to make the special feed pellet which is suitable to your fish.