Chinese feed production rank second round the world since 1992. And China has been the global feed industry power. With the global change of supplier markets and demand markets of agricultural products, the cost of energy materials for eating and feeding has increased. Under this influence, the cost advantages of concentrated feed are reduced and the structure of manufactured feed types is changed. The production and proportion of Chinese concentrated feed are yearly declined, that of premixed feed is relatively stable and that of complete feed is yearly increased. Pellet feed first appeared in Europe, and in recent years, it has occupied the majority of the feed market in America, Japan, Germany, etc. The average level of our world in feed pellet use is about 60%. So the complete feed especially feed pellets is the development direction in the future.

top_quality_feed_pellet_mill.jpgFor a long time, the free-range mode for livestock and poultry feeding is universal in China but large-scale farming is less. The free-range farmers and rich energy materials in the countryside determine the high proportion of concentrated feed. In the 1990s the scale-farming mode is first used for raising chicken. Intensive farming for pigs only accounts for 37% and the proportion for poultry is only 49% in 2005. The concentrated feed proportion is 23%. The real change occurs in 2007. The great losses of pigs and poultry markets make free-range farmers exit the market. The high increase in raw material cost and production costs make many free-range farmers give up the breeding market thus the proportion of Chinese concentrated feed is dramatically reduced. With the constant development of large-scale farming, the high cost of feed ingredients, and the great supervising of Chinese feed security the structures of feed types will continue to be adjusted. The complete feed pellet which has balanced nutrition, high quality, and efficiency is the material base to realize large-scale farming.

Related feed machines are necessary to realize intensive farming. Chinese mechanization level of the feed industry is lower compared with other animal husbandry developed countries. The feed equipment should be in large-scale development. Our company can supply first-class feed pellet processing equipment.