Mentioning the ecological feed most people think the green and environment friendly feeds are the ecological feeds. But this saying is not comprehensive. Ecological feeds can be visually expressed by the formula:

Ecological feed=raw materials of feed+enzymes+microecologics+feed formula technology. From the formulation we know ecological feed must ensure the raw materials are green and safe, zymin and microecologics are added and the feed formula is scientifically designed.


The identified green food as raw materials of feed has less harmful ingredients and high safety so as to reduce the harmful ingredient accumulation in the livestock and the environment pollution.
Adding some feed additives such as enzymes, pro biotics, acidifiers, yucca extract, herbal additives etc into the feed can balance the intestinal microflora of the livestock, promote the growth and reproduction of pro biotics, improve the feed’s conversion rate and reduce the environment contamination. And it can replace the function of antibiotics. Antibiotics can increase the animal’s immune system and prevent disease but the continuous usage may has side effect and has damage to livestock and people. So European countries prohibit adding antibiotics in the livestock feed. The oligosaccharide additive has the antibiotics function but it has no pollution and residue. It is considered as the ideal replacement of antibiotics.

feed-pelletizing process

The scientifically designed feed formula can keep the balanced nutrition and good palatability so that livestocks are not picky about the feed, do not cause feed waste and increase the feed conversation rate.

Feed pellets conform to the requirements of ecological feed in every respect. Pellet feeds are produced based on the nutrition needs of various livestocks, adopt scientific formula and mix a variety of raw materials evenly according to a certain proportion, then with a series of processing to form the final pellets. During the pelleting process people can add some nutritional and safe additives to increase the feed nutrition, improve the feed conversation rate, livestocks’ immunity and prevent the diseases.

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