Feeds for police dogs are different from that for natural pet dogs.

police_dog.jpgThe police dog feeds not only affect their growth and reproduce but also concern their self security. The feeds for police dogs mainly have two kinds: feed pellets and homemade foodstuff. But it exists some problems for example dog breeders match feed ingredients of foodstuff by themselves and excessively depend on the feed pellets imported from foreign countries. The homemade foodstuff which has low nutrition level and imbalanced nutritions reduces the police dogs’ production property especially the introduced police dogs.

Feed pellets takes the dominant position in police dog feeds but most of which are imported from foreign countries. The foreign feed pellets which are produced based on the nutrition needs of police dogs within their countries maybe are not suitable for petrol dogs of our

top_quality_feed_pellet_police_dog.jpgcountry because of the environment factors and patrol dogs’ physiological characters. And relying on foreign feed pellets causes the unsteady development of patrol dogs. So designing the feed pellets according to the nutrition needs of local patrol dogs is important.

The feed pellets quality mainly depends on two factors: feed formula and feed pelleting process.

The feed pellet formula should be scientifically designed according to the local police dogs’ nutrition needs and the nutrition value of feed ingredients which directly affect the palatability and police dogs’ production property. Regarding to the feed pelleting process it is related to the feed pellet machines. Each process has direct influence on the final feed pellet quality so feed pellet mill of each process should be first-class.

Our company can produce the first-class feed pellet mill to produce feed pellets for police dogs. All we do is to supply the top quality feed pellets mill machines for our customers.