With the adjustment of people’s diet structure horse meat gets more popularity due to the features of more lean meat, less fat, delicious meat and high nutrition value. Horse industry is transforming from providing auxiliary power for agriculture to the production of meat and skin. Horses have strong disease resistance, high survival rate and wide adaptability of natural ecological characteristics so horse owners can reduce production cost. The modern breeding methods of intensive cultivation is suitable for feeding horses. In order to meet growth, activity, pregnancy or lactation needs and maintain good body condition horses should be fed the grain-based pellet feeds together with top quality grass.

Feeding horses only with grass can not meet horses’ nutrition needs. The grass is not so delicious that horses are inclined to having less feed intakes which affects the production property.The intensive horse farming should mainly use feed pellets together with grass to feed horses. Feed are produced based on the nutrition needs of horse, adopt scientific formula and mix a variety of raw materials evenly according to a certain proportion, then with a series of processing to form the final pellets. They have cylinder shape and could not produce dust. The mews have poor ventilation so horses can only breathe the poor quality air. In this case feed pellets is the ideal feeds for horse.



Pellets feed is produced based on horses’ physiological characters. The horse have hard teethes, developed masticatory muscle and love gnawing feeds. Feed pellets with soft surface, hard texture conform to horses. Horses’ gastric volume is small so the feed intakes are limited. Horse owners should control the feeding quantity so as not to cause feed accumulation and produce waste. The feed pellet quantity is easy to control because of the cylinder shape. Pellets also have balanced nutrition and good palatability so horse can increase feed intake and improve productivity.

The quality of feed pellet influences the feed pellet quality. Our company can supply the best quality feed pellet mill for our customers.