The high-quality feed pellets have a soft surface and hard texture. But during the production of feed pellets, an abnormal appearance may occur. Feed manufacturers should know the reasons and quickly solve them.

high_quality_feed_pellet.jpg1. The feed pellets have a horizontal crack. When feed ingredients containing more fibers are pelletized and extruded the transection of feed particles causes cracks due to the fibers which are longer than the aperture and the distension of fibers. In order to solve the problem the compression rate of ring die should be increased so as to improve the density and hardness of feed particles. The crushing fineness should be improved so as to ensure the longest fiber is no more than a third of the grain diameter. When feed ingredients contain more water or urea a horizontal crack may also generate. So the added amount of water and urea should be controlled.

2. The feed pellets’ surface is rough. The crushing fineness of raw materials is big. During the modulating process, feed ingredients can not be fully softened and they can not fully bond with other materials when passing through the die hole. And the modulated feed ingredients contain steam bubbles which will produce bubbles during pelletization. When feed pellets are extruded the bubbles easily break and cause an uneven surface. Feed manufacturers should control the crushing fineness so that all feed ingredients can be fully softened during modulation. Raw materials with more fibers are mingled with steam bubbles so steam should not be added too much during modulating.

feed_pellet_mill.jpg3. The feed pellet colors are not the same. The reasons causing the problem are various: the feed formula compositions are complex, the mixing, crushing, and modulating effect is not good, and the surface finish of the ring die aperture inwall is not consistent. The improved measures mainly lie in controlling the uniformity of feed formula compositions, mixing and crushing, adopting lower modulating temperatures to decrease the color changes, sanding the ring die before using them, etc.

When these problems occur professional guidance is necessary. Our company can supply a high-quality feed pellet mill to ensure the feed pellet quality, professional guidance, and after-sale service.