Indian animal husbandry’s contribution to the GDP growth ranks only second to the agriculture. With the increasing domestic consumption demands of animal based food products Indian animal feed market is steadily growing.

indians_cattle_feeing.jpgIndian feed industry is about 35 years old. India ranks first in milk production which causes the emergence of dairy industry across the country. Indian cattle amounts is the largest around the world so in the early time feed is mainly used to feed dairy cattle. Because of the religious beliefs and the lack of scientific management on swine farmings Indians are picky about pork and not interested in pork consumption so pig feed demand is low. Indian poultry industry is potential because annual per capita consumption of eggs and poultry meat is improving. The poultry industry is very modern with pure-line breeding, clean poultry houses and excellent feed quality which are produced by the feed production line. Aquaculture is relatively young in India. The manufactured aquaculture feeds are mainly used for shrimp breeding and only a small part is for the fish farming so India has surplus shrimp feed production capacity but that of marine fish is not sufficient because the fish farming is growing at 8% per annum. Indian aquatic feed which is manufactured with latest technology and modern feed processing plants and better management the aquaculture industry is improving steadily in India. And most aquaculture products are exported abroad. In a conclusion now Indian cattle feed is dominant but the poultry feed and aquaculture feed are growing in importance.

Indian animal feed is mainly manufactured in the domestic and does not rely on exports. Feed ingredients are adopted the indigenous raw materials. Feed additives and supplements are the core of feed which can improve the performance of dairy animals. Antibiotic growth promoters are not banned in India and a number of feed additives need to be imported from developed countries. India should develop the bio-additive which has no side effect on animals and people.

compund_feed_for_poultry_and_aquacluture.jpgCompound feed is not widely used in raising cattle because cattle breeding is very traditional, farmers like to feed cattle with their own ingredients and their own feed formulation and they are reluctant to use compound feed. However compound feed is widely used in the newly-emerging industry such as poultry feed and aquaculture feed. Our company can supply the first-class feed pellet making machines to produce top quality compound feed pellets.