America which is the earliest country in feed industry development takes the leading way in feed production and feed industry. From the early mixed feed, then concentrated feed to the complete feed pellet America always outperform other countries and the feed industry has been a complete industry system. The rich natural resources such as grassland, forest, agricultural land, etc bring high productivity in husbandry. And sufficient corn, soybean meal, and barley grass provide superior raw materials for feed production. The breeding scale of American graziers is large and the intensive degree is high so most feed manufacturers adopt the vertical integration mode which unites the feed machine manufacturers, breeding enterprises, food companies, etc.

Now feed pellet is widely used in America and the quality of which is improved by adopting high-technology. The feed enterprises are equipped with corresponding technicists and they have been researching using plant extraction to alternate antioxidants and antibiotics, studying the new enzyme, the crushing fineness of feed ingredients, and transgenic crops.

Large-scale production and vertical integration mode of feed enterprises is the tendency that needs feed pellet machinery as the base.

ring_die_feed_pellet_machine.jpgAnd the processing technology which concerns the feed pellet quality relies on the feed pellet machines. In America, the whole process of producing feed pellets is finished by machines. From grinding feed ingredients, mixing, and pelletization, to cooling, sieving, and packaging they form a production line and are controlled by the PLC system. Because of the intensive farming breeders have higher requirements for the output of feed pellet equipment. So the pellet mill machines with large power are suitable for breeders and feed companies. For example, when grinding the feed ingredients the water-drop design of the feed hammer mill which can ensure a larger space for the grinding chamber and improve the crushing efficiency is widely adopted in America. Compared with flat die pellet mill which has a simple structure and is suitable for small-scale production the ring die pellet machines with higher production is popular in intensive farms and feed manufacturers.

The type choice of feed pellet equipment should consider comprehensive factors. Our company can supply the feed pellet equipment according to your requirements.