Australian animal husbandry is developed around the world especially the cattle, sheep and fishing farming.

sheep_farming_in_australia.jpgSheep quantities rank first and it is recognised as the country which rides on the sheep’s back. The cattle herds achieve 27.4 million and beef industry is the largest agricultural industry in Australia. Australia is the global third largest fishing area and the annual fish reaches 350000 tons because the fishing area is much more than the geographic area. The economic output of wool, beef and milk respectively accounts for 24%, 16% and 5% of the total output of agriculture. So animal husbandry as the high value-added industry is highly valued and developed in Australia.

As the development of animal husbandry the animal feed has been constantly upgraded and the feed diversification is an obvious trend. Australian animal husbandry development largely depends on the feed pellets produced by grains and crop straws. The conversation ratio of feed pellet is high. The major grains used in animal feed in Australia are wheat, barley, sorghum, soybean etc. Genetically modified animal feeds are now being used in Australia and other countries. Australia is the estimated to use the least amount of GM feeds. Canada and the United States use the most. The key driver for using GM feeds is that it has improved nutritional benefits and can increase animal productivity. Demand for non-GM feed determine the need for segregation. A strict non-GM identity preservation system already exists in the Australian organic stock feed system where the intentional use of genetically modified organisms is prohibited. And antibiotics is also prohibited in Australia.

Australia has about 126500 farms and the proportion of bartons is 94%. 64% of batons are planting crops, raising sheep and cattle.

feed_pellet_production_line.jpgAustralian farms not only have large scale but also have high degree modernization whose main feature is that all links of animal husbandry are finished by machines. Batons which raise animals are all finished by machines from animal feed processing, transportation, feeding animals to feedlot management. And the feed processing such as feed ingredients crushing, mixing, manufacturing are also operated by machines.

Feed pellet is widely used in Australia. Our company can supply the feed pellet mills and the whole feed pellet production line.