American cattle breeding is developed around the world. They adopt the advanced industrial technology to breed the cattle so that the cost of breeding is reduced and the output is increased. But along with the improvement of cattle breeding there are some disadvantages that need to be considered and solved.

cattle feed pellets machine

They adopt the industrial breeding method that thousands of cattle are raised in the livestock farm. The environment for cattle is crowded and not ventilative so they easily get illness. In order to prevent the disease the breeder add antibiotics to the feed. However this may leads to other disease that are resistant to the antibiotics. And the breeders use the meat and bone meal rather than grass as feed to raise cattle. The meat and bone meal uses the fresh animal tissue and bone as raw materials and then is produced through boiling, sterilizing, drying and crushing. It is used in the cattle feed because of its high protein content. However researches show that the spread of mad cow disease is relative to the meat and bone meal because it is produced using the animal’s own meat and bone. So an International Committee which is respective for the investigation of mad cow disease makes recommendations to the U.S. Government that the meat and bone meal should be banned as the livestock feed and new safe feed should be developed. Now more and more peoples use the feed pellet to feed the cattle in America.

The feed pellet uses grains such as corn, wheat bran, rice husks, beans, etc as raw materials, adopts scientific formula, mixes the raw materials evenly according to a certain proportion and then form the final pellet with a series of processing. It could replace the meat and bone meal as cattle feed because it not only has high protein content just as the meat and bone meal but also has the balanced nutrition needs of cattle.

The feed pellet can protect the cattle’s environment. The breeders can control the quantity of feed pellet and easily clear the redundant feed pellet compared with the powder feed.

Our company could supply the feed pellet mill for cattle farming. And the feed pellet produced by our company’s feed pellet mill has smooth surface and hard texture so that it confirms to the cattle’s biological characteristics of gnawing. And our company adopts advanced technology such as SKF bearings & NAK oil seals, compensation type spring coupling device, frequency conversion speed regulating motor and so on to guarantee the quality of feed pellet mill.