Intensive cattle industry has been an important economic growth point around the world due to people’s increasing needs of beef and milchigs. In order to reduce production cost and promote economic benefit cattle owners seek the first-class feeds which occupy the majority of the production cost. Feed pellets are suitable for raising cattle.

With the high development of intensive cattle farming the pollution has been a problem that needs to be solved. Cattle extra is the main source of pollution because the protein content in feeds is high, the nutrition substances are not in proper proportion, the feed formula is unscientific and nutrition content of feeds can not be entirely digested by cattle. The nitrogen and phosphorus substance in cattle extra have great pollution on environment.

cattle feed pellets

Feed pellets are produced by adopting the scientific feed formula, mixing a variety of raw materials evenly according to a certain proportion and forming the final pellets through a series of processing. Feed pellet formula is especially designed according to cattle’s nutrition needs. Cattle has lower utilization rate on nitrogen substances so cattle owners can use grains which are easily digested and have less nitrogen as feed ingredients. Adding nutrients such as amino acids and peptide to feed pellet can increase protein absorption and reduce nitrogen extra.

The raw materials of feed pellets can be adopted according to cattle’s physiological characteristics. Cattle’s stomach surface has a layer of omasum. Cattle digest feed by peristole and the gastric juice secreted by omasum. The feeds with high starch content will be sticky in the voids of omasum, influence peristole, inhibit gastric juice secretion and then reduce production property. So we can choose the grains with higher crude fiber as feed pellet ingredients.

In conclusion, feed pellets are exactly suitable for raising cattle. The feed pellet mill affects the feed pellet quality. Our company can supply the first-class feed pellet mill for our customers.