Current Situation of Aquatic Feed Pellet Mill for Fish Farming

Amisy feed pellet mill machinery make sucessful fish farming solutions

Nowadays, with the increasing demand of aquatic products, fish farming industry appears rapid development situation. Thus people are dedicated to select a better diet for fish so as to ensure that edible fish can meet food hygienic standard for us to eat. The scientific research proves that feed pellets made by aquatic feed pellet mill is a wise choice, which makes more and more raisers turn to aquatic feed pellets production and seek for more profits in the related industry.

What are Aquatic Feed Pellets?
Aquatic feed pellets are kind of granular shape formula feed made through pelletizing process by a pellet mill. Mainly cylindrical, they have various sizes and shapes to meet different fish nutrition needs, which is widely used in aquaculture. Meanwhile, feed pellets have smooth surface and easy to digest for fish and shrimps.

Why Choose Aquatic Feed Pellet Mill?
First, Our aquatic feed pellet mill adopt two or three layer jacket conditioner, the material can be fully cooked, meet special feed needs and ensure quality of final aquatic feed.
Second, Feeding device adopts frequency conversion speed regulating motor to guarantee the particles quality.
Third, aquatic feed pellets made by feed pellet mill has balanced nutrition to meet different fish growing needs in different growth stage.
In addition, feed pellets making process is environmental friendly and also realize the recycling and utilization of agro wastes.

Aquatic Feed Pellets Benefits
* Balanced nutrition content.
Feed is material foundation and source of energy for fish growth and reproduction. Aquatic feed pellets are produced based on the nutrition needs of fish, adopt scientific formula and mix a variety of raw materials evenly according to a certain proportion, then with a series of processing to form the final pellets. So pellet feed owns balanced nutrition content for fish farming.

Amisy ring die feed pellet mill makes perfect aquatic feed pellets

* Good palatability and avoid fish picky about food.
Due to the good palatability, feed pellets are easy for fish to digest and absorb which improve the utilization rate of feed and reduce unnecessary waste also cost-saving for breeding to some extent.
* Easy to utilize, store and transport.
Feed pellet, with high density and small volume, is easy to utilize, store and transport. All this make pellets feed suitable for the extension of mechanization and automation for fish breeding. As a result, it improves working efficiency and reduces the labor intensity also makes fish farming a relaxed and happy work.
* Feed pellets contribute to improving water quality.
Nowadays,water pollution is more and more serious and one factor is fish feed accumulation. Fish feed accumulation not only gives rise to water pollution, but also causes fish disease. Feed pellets are your sensible choice. The feed pellets quantity is easy to control so as not to contaminate fish living environment.

In a word, aquatic feed pellets can make fish farming easier and more efficient, what’more, fish quality is enhanced and become more healthy. It’s good choice to select a proper pellet mill to make your own feed pellets. We are one of the leading pellet mills manufacturers in China who specializes in the design and manufacture of Feed Pellet Mill. Our technical experts are here to give you professional guidance. If you need any help, please feel free to contact with us.