Now we are concerning about the dead pigs event. March 9th, a large number of dead pigs appeared floating on the Huangpu River surface in the Songjiang district of Shanghai. At present, More than six thousands of dead pigs have been retrieved from Shanghai’s Huangpu River. The relative bureaus are investigating the causes. Some people think the event is relative to the pig feed which is made by genetically modified food and the heavy pollution.

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It is an accepted fact around the world that the genetically modified food leads to the pig illness. The matter that the genetically modified pig feed causes the pigs sickness, abortion and freaks once appeared in Denmark–the kingdom of pig farming. Then they use the natural pig feed pellet to feed pigs, their sickness, abortion and freaks disappeared. Chinese pig feeds are almost made by genetically modified food. Most of them are the genetically modified bean pulp and rice imported from America and some are from the northern areas and Guangxi region of China. So we should take warmings from the Danish event to use the natural and environmental pig feed. The feed pellets conform to the requirements. The pellet feed uses natural organic grains such as rice, bean, corn, maize, wheat bran as raw materials. And we can choose to use which grains according to the market price of raw materials to reduce feed cost.

The feed pellets have other advantages. It can reduce the air pollution. It has smooth surface and hard texture so it has no damage to the air and pigs’ respiratory system. And the pellet feeds are easy to control the quantity so as not to cause waste and pollution.

The report shows that the samples of dead pigs floating in huangpu river are detected to have porcine circovirus disease. Pig feed suppliers can add astragalus polysaccharide powder to the feed pellet machine to prevent the porcine circovirus disease. During the pelletizing process the feeds are heated by high temperature so it can kill the harmful substance such as salmonella, colibacillus, various virus and so on.

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