South African feed industry arose in 1930. The feed production annually increases by 15% since 1990. Now feed industry has been the pillar industry of South African agriculture. The feed production is supplied by two disparate groups–the Animal Feed Manufactures Association(AFMA) and informal feed sector. AFMA supplies about 60% of South African total animal feed production and the remaining is supplied by the informal sector.

south africa feed pelletsThe poultry industry comprises the largest feed consumption in South Africa and the production is dominated by the AFMA. South African fine-wool sheep and Karakul sheep is known around the world and it is the global forth wool exporter. Sheep farming is extensive around the country and the sheep feed usage is large. Apart from the normal animal feed industry some small specialized feeds such as ostrich feed, unusual fish feed etc are also produced. AFMA is the only manufacture and supplier for ostrich feeds. And the feedlot industry is also well established to math the increasing animals. South African aquaculture feed production is small but the annual growth is significant. Most aquatic animals need formulated feeds.

bird feed pelletsRaw materials for feed production are basically available. South African main crops are wheat and corn which can be used as feed ingredients. South Africa is a net exporter of corn. About 70% of the fishmeal used in animal feeds are produced in South Africa. The rest are mainly imported from Namibia, South America, Russia. South America is a net importer in soybean. The soybean oil crushing plant is less in South Africa and the absence of soybean oil industry is the result of a limited local market. Though the local soybean production is increased it still imports soya productions. South Africa is ideally suited to grow sunflowers so sunflower oilcake is also a main feed ingredient.

South Africa attach great importance to agricultural research and development which are closely combined with enterprises and market. It develops high quality animal feeds to ensure the breeding effect, develops many kinds of vaccines to prevent diseases, imports top-quality animals to better the domestic animals. Our company can supply first-class feed pellet mills to produce high quality feed pellets.