Animal feed industry plays a very important role in animal husbandry industry because it is needed to provide the people’s meat and protein requirement. In Indonesia, business in animal feed industry is highly potential. For fish feed industry, the global aquafeeds market has grown exponentially in the last few years and a similar trend is expected to follow for the next five to seven years. Asia-Pacific is estimated to be the fastest growing region in terms of revenue, particularly in Indonesia. It produces around 6.1 million tonnes of fish and seafood annually. It is the world’s 4th largest producer of fish and seafood.

fish feed extruderIndonesia is an archipelago with more than 17,000 islands and a coastline of about 81,000 km. The area that can potentially be used for aquaculture development is of 26,606,000 ha.. Aquaculture in Indonesia is practiced in fresh, brackish and marine water using a variety of species, production facilities and methods. For fish farmers, feed is a major expenditure as it accounts for 40%-50% of the production cost. The need for the cultivation of fish feed continues to increase. But until now the national animal feed industry is still dominated by foreign players, and these factories have a production capacity of 25,000 tons of shrimp feed and 110,000 fish feed. The major manufacturers are also dependent of imported raw material needs. Currently about 70% of raw materials are imported, good food, drugs, especially the corn from the United States and Brazil. The high price of imported raw material, resulting in feed prices soaring domestic market.

Due to this situation, the government began to develop small-scale feed factories. Now these mini feed mills spread over 38 locations including feed production center for raw materials such as corn and palm oil. The mini feed mill has a production capacity of about 3-5 tons per day. It is in support of the adequacy of the local market. This is definitely a good measure for the fish farmers and local grain farmers. And it seems that the fish feed pellet machine will become more popular in these mini feed pellet. This kind of machine is suitable for animal breeders and medium sized feed stuff factory and it can make various grain waste into animal feed pellets with rich nutrition and easy digestion. Meanwhile, other pet feed is expected to continue growing in Indonesia. For example, bird, reptiles and other small mammals. Using fish feed pellet machine can also make feed pellet for these animals.

By this token, the Indonesia’s fish feed market manifests out great potential. Our company can supply first-class fish feed pellet machine to help you produce high quality products.