German animal husbandry accounts for 60% of the agriculture. And the farming quantity of pigs, cattle and sheep rank in the first three places. Germany has the largest pig population in the EU. As the the base of animal husbandry development the feed industry is critical. German feed production ranks second in Europe and is among the top ten around the world.

German feed pellets/feed pellet machine/feed pellet millFeed pellet quality concerns the health of animals and affects the feed manufactures so the nutrition and hygienic standards of feeds are strict. German has a serious of laws to regulate the feed production, processing, packing, storage especially the feed ingredients and feed additives. In Germany the feed additives such as amino acids, vitamins, enzyme etc has been leading around the world. And they tend to produce ecological feed. Feed pellet is one of the ecological feeds and it first appeared in Europe and in recent years, it has occupied the majority of the feed market in Germany, America, Japan etc. The average level of our world in feed pellets using is about 60%.

German feed husbandry adopts the cooperative mode which implements the scale management and standard production such as purchasing raw materials in bulk, producing feeds with standardization etc. The advanced feed processing technology, high-level mechanized production and automated management technology provide good conditions for the development of cooperative mode. German feed enterprises regard the improvement of feed pellet machines and feed pellets as the point. Germany takes the leading in feed processing machineries and has great competitive edges around the world. The whole feed process is made by machines, the production line is controlled by computers and the automation degree is very high. Our engineers have learned much experience in feed pellets making and applied to the machine designing.

The automation and mechanization of feed pellet making process can ensure the effect of each process and the feed pellet quality. Our company can supply not only the feed pellet equipment but also the whole feed pellet production line.