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Feed Pellet Spraying System
  • Material:
  • Nutrional liquids such as fat, liquid enzymes,vitamins,molasses
  • Size:
  • /
  • Power:
  • 1.5Kw
  • Capacity:
  • 1.5L/h-240L/h
  • Gurantee:
  • 1 year
  • Application:
  • Spray various high pressure liquids on the feed pellets squeezed out from the ring die

The liquid spraying system is designed to spray various high pressure liquids on the feed pellets squeezed out from the ring die in pelletizing chamber of feed pellet mill. The liquid is sprayed by special atomizing nozzle, which increases the probability of the liquid hitting the pellets in a uniform fashion. The spraying nozzle can be installed at the pellet mill discharge.
Ingredients Typically Applied by Liquid Spraying System
□ Fat
□ Liquid enzymes
□ Amino acid
□ Vitamins
□ Molasses
□ Trace minerals
□ Medicated feed additives
□ Other liquids
Liquid Spraying System Features and Advantages
◆The liquid is sprayed onto the feed pellets surface.
◆The spraying nozzle can be installed at the pellet mill discharge, saving cost.
◆The feed pellets spraying system can spray various high pressure liquids including fat, vitamins and trace minerals etc.
◆This liquid spraying system for aquatic feed pellets can be controlled by PLC controller, accurate spraying and easy operation.
◆The liquid is absorbed onto the pellets and thenare being polished; therefore, the fines to fall off are reduced.
◆Automatic heating and warm keeping by steaming ensures spraying liquids not be frozen in cold seasons.
Why Spray Liquid After Pelletizing in Pellet Mill?
In high-grade feed (such as livestock feed, poultry feed and aquatic feed) pelletizing process, some added nutritional ingredients are damaged or lost as the materials processed by tempering, maturing and pelleting. In order to ensure the feed pellet quality, the microelements should be readded. Our liquid spraying system can help you. The spraying nozzle can be installed at the discharge of the pellet mill. It can spray various liquid onto the feed pellets uniformly. As market and cost consideration, this liquid spraying system can make the product producing with low cost and high quality as well as more market competition.
Pellet Mill Liquid Spraying System Technical Parameters

Model Liquid Storage Tank Volume Motor Power Accuracy Spraying Uniformity Ratio Spraying Capacity Spraying Ratio
LQ2000 1Ton(Maximum) 1.5Kw ±0.5% 98% 1.5L/h-240L/h 2%~8%


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