Bangladesh Fish Feed Pellet Mill/Two Types of Fish Farming

//Bangladesh Fish Feed Pellet Mill/Two Types of Fish Farming

In Bangladesh the main types of fish feeding are represented in home-made fish feed and commercially manufactured fish feed. In regard to home-made fish feed, there are two kinds of fish feed ingredients available. They are animal origin fish feed ingredients and plant origin fish feed ingredients. Animal origin fish feed ingredients are obtained from different mollusks, silkworm, poultry, cattle and fish mainly. These feed ingredients are applied by targeting carnivorous culture species. Some ingredients like fish viscera, cattle viscera are applied directly into the culture water body and some are applied after some sort of preliminary processing. Animal origin feed ingredients contains more protein in comparison to those ingredients of plant origin. Most of the animal origin fish feed ingredients are considered as protein supplements.

Bangladesh fish feed machinePlant origin fish feed ingredients are mainly obtained from different plants. Different parts of plant body are used as fish feed. Plant origin feed ingredients are comparatively cheaper than animal origin fish feed ingredients like fish meal, bone meal etc. and also contains less protein than those animal origin ingredients. However considering the economic capability of most of the fish farmers in Bangladesh, plant origin feeds ingredients are considered suitable for aquaculture. The common sources of these feed ingredients are maize bran, suji, rice bran, rice polish, wheat flour, wheat bran, sesame oil cake, soybea0n grits, mustard oil cake, coconut oil cake, lentil bran, molasses etc.

Plant origin fish feed ingredients are varied considerably in shape and size. They may be powder like or solid irregular shaped. Feed particle size also varied greatly, and as carnivorous fish species demand a very high level of protein, these ingredients are rarely used in fish farms directly except in rural or remote areas. Usually these ingredients are used as raw materials for making high protein-leveled fish feed by mixing with other ingredients in feed industries. These commercial fish feed manufactured by fish feed pellet machine are marketed in packed condition and used mainly in commercial fish farms. And compared with home-made fish feed, the advantages of using commercially manufactured fish feed pellet are: uniformity with regard to quality; nutrient balance for maximum growth effects; adequate and easy application. Therefore as a trend, fish feed pellets are more and more popular in Bangladesh aquaculture.

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