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Zhengzhou Amisy Machinery was established in 2000 and has since been devoted to supplying top quality feed pelleting equipment up to Certified European (CE) specifications. Owning a professional team with specialized theoretical and practical background, Amisy offers one-stop feed pelleting solutions. More Information

Amisy feed pellet mi Nigeria enjoys a brights market for fish farming. We have sales agent now of our fish feed pellet machines in Nigeria.
Amisy feed pellet mi Tilapia fsh farming is popular in Ghana, our floating fish feed machines is best choice for Tilapia fish farming.
Pellet Machines To Pakistan Big deal of complete pellet mill equipment exported to Pakistan. Our customer give us good feedback and speak highly of our feed pellet machines.
Feed Stabilizer To Philippines Feed stabilizer is necessary for making aquatic feed pellets. Amisy feed stabilizers exported to Philippines receive high praise of our customers.
Fat/oil coating after animal feed pelletizing is to supply essential fatty acid and improve feed palatability to ensure high-quality animal production. Both animal fats and plant oils can be added in feed pellets to improve feed quality, and there are many effective fat/oi
Solution for Making Oil Cake Pellets-Turn Waste into Value We supply homemade pellet mill for making oil cake pellets for your animals. Oil cake are rich in fat and protein.
Straw Feed Pellet for Horse Breeding Straw feed pellet is ideal for feeding horses due to high assimilate rate, good palatability and easy to transport.
Factors Affecting Poultry Feed Pellet Durability We should pay attention to grinding of feed raw materials, conditioning, pelletizing process and feed formulation.
Bangladesh Fish Feed Pellet Mill/Two Types of Fish Farming In Bangladesh aquaculture there are mainly two types of fish feeding: home-made fish feed and manufactured fish feed.
Tips on Selecting and Feeding Rabbit Feed Pellets Choose a small feed pellet mill to make nutritional food for your rabbits. Rabbit feed pellets rich in nutrients.

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